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John Jarvis retired from the martial arts in 1988 after twenty-five years of practice. He was Australasia’s most qualified teacher holding 16 black belts in five different disciplines and one of the few men to achieve the 100-man fight. He began his studies in London, lived in Japan for a year in 1967 and has made five return visits the last in 1989.

He has had a parallel career in secondary school teaching, specialising in physical education and religious studies.

He is a former consultant editor to International Martial Arts and a contributing editor to South Pacific Martial Arts. His autobiography is Kurosaki Killed the Cat.

John is retired and lives on his yacht Gulliver in Wellington, New Zealand.

Also by John Jarvis

Kurosaki Killed the Cat


This book is a work of fiction. All characters apart from major historical figures have been created by the author.

ISBN 9781301829682

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