Table Of Contents

1 - Control The Conversation

2 – Using The Introduction

3 - Using The Closing

4 - Using The Body

5 - Applying Transitions

6 - Question Handling Skills

7 - Managing Difficult People

8 - In Real Life

9 - Telephone Language Options

10 – Question Handling Exercise

Chapter 1 – Control The Conversation

Making phone calls in your native tongue is easy to do for most people. Whether it is Chinese, Russian or Arabic, speaking in your own language makes the task of succeeding on the phone less difficult. But I find that when some Japanese use English on the phone, suddenly even simple things like taking a message or making an appointment become a real challenge!

There are several basic reasons for this, I think. Clearly, one of the biggest hurdles is language. When someone is required to think and operate in another language, all sorts of additional points, like using correct grammar and having clear pronunciation, arise. But language is only one important component required to persuade and convince on the phone. Issues like speed, timing, control, and clarity also carry weight. And unless these elements are consciously integrated into a conversation, the impact on your message may be reduced.

In the following pages, all of these points will be discussed in detail. But before I proceed, I would like to provide you with a sample conversation of what can happen when proper timing, control and clarity are not used.

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