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Half Moon Chambers

Harper Fox

Copyright Harper Fox 2012

Published by FoxTales at Smashwords


Half Moon Chambers would never have seen the light of day without the help of a group of people I’ve come to rely on so much for my FoxTales publications. My lovely other half – and, since September, my civil partner – Jane has attended the book through its birth pangs with all her usual patience and kind but thorough proofing and daily inspection of word count. Josh Lanyon, my beloved mentor, has been even more instrumental than usual in helping me plot, plan, dismantle and rebuild, and any remaining holes in the weave are entirely the responsibility of the author. Lou Harper produced a particularly stunning piece of cover art, catching exactly at how I see the guys and Half Moon Chambers, and Julia and Janet once more brought the book safely home from my shaky draft to the formatted finished product you see before you. I am so appreciative of every single one of you.


This book is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Louise Stafford,

2 April 1932 – 8 September 2012:

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