The Great Elder

Dov Silverman

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For my granddaughter, Anav Helen With all my love

To my wife Janet, Editor of all my works

For Support and Encouragement Along the Way

Edyth H. Geiger Dr Morris and Dora Molinoff Malka Rabinowitz Sylvia and Mel Springer Paula and Leslie Tint

A country’s view of itself is never the same as that of other nations.

Springtime and song or
Dark wings and bare trees.

Dov Silverman


1 March 1894

From his apartment in the imperial palace, John Mung’s eyes followed the rising sun. Diaphanous rays lacquered the tiled rooftops of Tokyo a molten gold. Mung - Moryiama Ishikawa - assumed a yoga stance. He inhaled the fiery light into his belly and up into his lungs. The sight of the distant peak of Mount Fuji sharpened, and Mung spread his arms wide as he exhaled. This was an exhilarating part of his day. Although chief of the Emperor’s personal intelligence organization, the Black Dragon was a man who preferred solitude. Now, at the age of sixty-seven, he had been recalled to public life.

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