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The Hypno-Orgasm Seduction

by Epic Sex Stories

Like most single moms, I would do anything to support my kids. As a Vegas stripper, I have. I put myself on my book covers to remind me what inspired that epic sex story. You wouldn't believe half of the shit that I've seen or done. To find out, read my books and check out my 400 sexy photos on (change search filter to “restricted”, then search for Epic Sex Stories). Tell me what you think at

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This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is coincidental. All rights are reserved. Except for book reviews, no more than four paragraphs can be reproduced without written permission from the author.


"I can't masturbate. I'm like a quadriplegic with a chronic erection."

"Hypno-orgasms are several times more intense. When a man is over-excited, he cums too soon, but when a woman is over-excited, she cums more often. So I can not only take you to the summit, I can take you there repeatedly. It's the safest sex you'll ever have." Completely stressed out, Emily stared at him like a cow about to be tipped over. Then he smiled that awesome smile of his and she fucking melted like cheese on an omelet.

Something vibrated in his pants and it wasn't his beeper. She hooked him like a fish; he could practically taste the metal in his lip. In an ironic twist, the hypnotherapist was the one in the deep trance, and in need of some therapy.

Men cannot fall in love with women they do not find attractive, and women cannot fall in love with a man they do not respect.

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