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He covered her tongue with cum as she continue to bob on his pole, determined to take every pez from his dispenser. Her tongue must have a Taser attached because it sent jolts of electricity up his spine. Some of his juice spilled on her chin, so she scooped it up, sucking her fingers like a chicken wing.

A man in a suit is like a woman in lingerie.

"Men get laid by convincing women that they want more than sex."

"What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?" "As a kid I once fell face-first into a fresh pile of steaming doodoo. And let me tell you, it tasted like crap!" She slapped his arm for pulling her leg, but couldn't help laughing. "On the one hand, I owed my mother’s meatloaf an apology but, on the other hand, it remains the best shit I've ever had."

"I want to nibble on your earlobes." Her hands flew to her ears and she laughed at how silly she must have looked, with her elbows pointing at him like guns over the dinner table.

"I'm getting tits? Do you have any idea how much that changes a girl's life? Breast implants for a woman are like a man becoming six inches taller."

That's what they now called it: the Orgasm Room, because it reeked of sex all day, every day.

Guys who say all pussy is the same are idiots. Every pussy -- like every love -- is unique. Some may feel equally good, but that does not make them the same. A man can hate a woman and still love the sex, but that does not mean his feelings don't color the experience.

Even before she heard his message on her voice mail, her legs started trembling. With his trigger words, she collapsed on the campus lawn as another powerful orgasm shook her body like a baby rattle. Her body cruelly responded on cue as her pelvis bucked wildly, saturating her blue jeans. She had no idea how loud she screamed, but apparently the entire campus heard her.

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