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Gods OF Gods


Smashwords Edition 2012

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The birth of a savior lay floating on his back, arms and legs hanging down, as the force of the raging river ducked him, leaving him where he lay. Looking up, beyond the atmosphere the sky was crystal, a solid mass wrapped around the whole planet, creating a permanent refraction of the suns moons and stars, whose light somehow managed to reach the ground. The old race of the Silgjans had named beings like Saviour Nwarete Aba Duju, the children of the gods, because of the ease at which they could communicate across the black, and move through space-time. The Silgjans where telepathic, but their level of cohesion was the equivalent of infant verbal talk, Compared to the telepathic cohesion that Savior was engaged in. The level was beyond words, a communication density of one hundred thousand years in split seconds.

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