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Prisoner Of My Past

Diana Murdock

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Diana Murdock 2010

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Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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The lives of many are altered forever in the fraction of a moment it takes to cross the line, but none more profoundly than the one who has no choice but to unwillingly and blindly follow.

Secrets and excuses. Manipulation and lies. The ultimate betrayal. The characters in this insane performance? A father and his daughter.

From the very start, everything was very calculated. There were no threats, no promises. There were just quiet violations of my body and soul. Every fiber of my being screamed of the wrongfulness, yet bound by the chains of my innocence, I never uttered a word, thinking perhaps that would be the last time. It was always so confusing. Never really knowing what was happening, yet knowing it was not supposed to be happening. This man, my father, the one who I chose to protect me in this lifetime, was crossing that line over and over again without a hint of regret or apology.

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