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Our story began four billion years ago when the Earth was a young planet. It was then that a celestial body called Nemesis entered our solar system from the depths of space. As it approached the Sun, the atmosphere of Nemesis became more brilliant, like the armor of a knight preparing for battle. At that time, our Earth, accompanied by its Moon, revolved in an orbit farther from the sun, between Mars and Jupiter, and was completely covered with water. In short time it would fall victim to the Invader. In one of its orbits, in fact, one of the moons of Nemesis collided with the Earth destroying it and moving it into the orbit that we know today. The Earth became the third planet from the Sun. What remained from the epic cataclysm will be called the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter, in eternal memory of an event that shook our stellar system.

Nemesis is a living planet, inhabited by technologically advanced people, able to travel and survive in the immense cold and empty space. Thanks to their history, today have access to the Earth's past and retrace its steps of evolution.

The king of this people, Argos, administered the political and military power on the planet. It was he who made the decision, thousands of years before, to leave the already dying star system of their planet Nemesis to search for a younger one that could meet the needs of its people. Their Sun had turned into a red giant star and only a few decades were left for saving Nemesis and its civilization. The scientists, after careful analysis, decided to transform the planet into a gigantic spaceship, an ark, able to withstand the interstellar coldness and external dangers. In the past they had already solved the problem of protecting the atmosphere of Nemesis against the increasing heat from their star, providing it with a shield. But now they had to face two major challenges. The first one was to find enough energy to push Nemesis out of the gravitational field of Betelgeuse, their star in the constellation of Orion, while the second one was to find an alternative energy source to those used until then by the inhabitants of the planet, capable of supporting them during the long interstellar journey awaiting them. They directed the enormous energy emitted from Betelgeuse in what for simplicity we shall call the engine of Nemesis, in order to push themselves away from the gravitational influence of their dying sun.

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