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Light the Fire!

10 Ways to Lose MORE Weight On Any Diet

Smashwords Edition

Copyright J. Sutherland 2012


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Are you trying to lose weight with a diet and feel like you're getting nowhere? Perhaps you are on a plateau and your efforts feel like they're in vain? Don't get disparaged. It happens to everyone. Your body is an amazing thing and it can (and will) adapt to everything around it. Often, when we have lowered our caloric intake or adjusted the foods we eat, your body will stop burning as much fat in order to keep from starving. I said your body was amazing: I didn't say it was smart. It only reacts to the stimuli you give it. Day after day, week after week, it chugs along, doing what it thinks it should do, and that includes surviving. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and introduce new stimuli to get its attention, or “shock” it, if you will. Suffice it to say that occasionally, you are going to have to change things up and give your body a little kick in the rump! This is what this ebook was meant to do. It introduces some new, often vigorous stimuli that you can use to get your body back on track. Remember, though, that nothing will help you reach your goals or stay on track like a positive mental attitude.

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