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Open Your Heart To Love

Mignone C. Borg Catania

Copyright Mignone C. Borg Catania 2012

Published by CoolCats Publishing at Smashwords

It was in the early morning, when a beautiful baby girl was born. A girl who would have brought sunshine and great happiness to those who were lucky enough to get to know her. Kevin and Sue McFarland had always wanted to have a child and after being married for ten years, God finally granted their wish.

Both parents were very proud as they saw their baby daughter sleeping peacefully among other babies. On seeing her sleeping in her crib, like an angel sent from heaven, both parents decided to call her Angel. However, as days passed by and weeks became months, the little child unfortunately fell seriously ill and a week after her third birthday, she fell in a coma and thus was taken urgently to the hospital.

“Mr. and Mrs. McFarland,” said the doctor sadly, as he approached them.

“Doctor,” said Kevin worriedly as he stood up, “how is she? How's our little one?”

“I'm sorry but she is very weak. Her heart beat is decreasing and she might never wake up again!”

“No!” cried Sue desperately. “Please not my baby! Please doctor, help her! Please get her back to us!”

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