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Truth springs from argument among friends. – David Hume

Much of this book stems from the conversations I have had with everyone who has made me think over the past couple of years, in particular Jason, Steve, Shirley, Mani, Kevin, Johnny, Zsofia, Ayana, Mathieu, François, Andrew, and especially my dad. I have also learned so much from all those I have discussed these issues with on the Rule of Freedom blog and Facebook page, along with many anarchist thinkers, some of whom are referenced in this book. Thank you all for what you have taught me.


This book goes out with with love and respect to all those working and living in sovereign communities and other agorists, and all those fighting an oppressive state.

Preface to second edition

I wrote the first edition of this book over a year and a half while also doing my master’s at the American University in Cairo and working. Since that time, I have continually questioned and revised my beliefs. One might call it open mindedness or lack of conviction; at any rate, it is both a blessing and a curse. This book and blog’s Facebook page has been instrumental in the evolution of my thinking, as people whom I will never meet and whose real names I do not even know have influenced my thinking in ways they do not realise. I am very grateful to all of them.

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