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When he was younger, he would cause some trouble. Here’s an example of something funny he did one day: My friend was sitting in a chair. My friend heard him meowing, but we couldn’t find him. We searched everywhere. My friend could feel the cat thumping the chair. He wasn’t behind the chair or under the chair. Where was he? Well… turns out he got himself caught inside the recliner! I had to grab him by his head and pull him out of there. I swear he was ten feet long when he popped out. That made us both laugh until our faces were red. Why is it that cats get themselves into small places they can’t get out of?

I will never know why cats do funny stuff. I think that it’s neat that a person can still remember these things. It still makes us laugh to this day. Oh the wonders of owning a cat. There are so many funny things they do every day. I wish I could have taken more pictures of all the funny things he has done. He is even watching me write this story. Ok I guess now, he thinks he should go to bed. That’s another thing, when he was a bad kitty we put him in the bathroom. We sometimes would tell him to go to bed. He would actually mind us and jump into his chair and go to sleep.

He reminded us of a scolded child. When he turned 15 last august for his birthday, we got him some cat treats and more of his toys. He likes paper sacks. I told my friend, that we should just get him some paper sacks to play with for Christmas. It would save us some money in the long run. We can still go to the grocery store and get paper sacks. As long as we get groceries, we can get some free sacks. He also loves wrapping paper. He likes to rip it all up. Being the lovely mommy that I am, I love going to some dollar stores and getting wrapping paper. They always have good paper there. I’m glad they have good products at the dollar stores.

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