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Roadside Rest

T.G. Miko

Copyright 2012 by T.G. Miko

Smashwords Edition


You could say that the day I lost my virginity and the day I lost my innocence were two different days, but I guess it doesn’t really matter, any more.

I lost my virginity during boot camp. That’s not supposed to happen. The U.S. Army has all kinds of rules against that; they don’t want the girls foolin’ around. Well, technically it was boot camp, but it was during our last weekend at Fort Leonard Wood, before getting shipped out to different parts of the country for AIT. They let us off the base for a few hours, and when I saw Bobby Brindle at the far end of the bar counter, I knew what I wanted. So did he. I could tell. We just looked across the room at each other, and the rest—as they say—is history.

Gotta say I was glad that I finally got that over with. Bobby was nice about it, though. I fessed up, and told him it was my first time. His eyes widened and he said, “For real?” And I said, “For real.”

My poor dad. He knew when I joined the Army that he was going to lose me forever. He almost did. And when I finally did come home, I wasn’t in one piece—that’s for sure. Parts of me are buried in the sands of Iraq. Maybe when I die of old age the Army will send over there for the leftovers, and they’ll put all of me into one box. That would be nice.

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