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Chapter One


Blaze fed from two blonde women’s arousal, drawing their sexual energy into him. They kissed his face and traced his rows of golden muscles with their tongues, completely oblivious to the incubus demon’s actions.

This might be more than I bargained for.

Fanning cigarette smoke out of my face, I took a large gulp of rum. A burning sensation traveled down my throat. I crossed my legs, tapping my stilettos against the bar.

A heart pumping song rocketed into a rapid beat as the nightclub darkened. Laser projectors hanging from the ceiling began blasting beams of multi-colored light through the air. Hundreds of humans danced to the electric drum pounding out of the club’s speakers.

This was an incubus demon’s perfect feeding ground. No one here would be suspicious of a gorgeous man making out with two women.

In fact, they’d root him on.

Blaze leaned back on the silver wall near the dance floor and wore no shirt, just leather pants. The blondes continued to stroke his muscular chest. His lips remained in a thin line. His face displayed no emotion. He almost appeared bored.

That can’t be right.

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