‘Uh, I guess that depends. What do you want and why me? I’m just a businessman returning home from a trip. My wife is here to meet me and she’ll be upset if I don’t emerge with the rest of the passengers.’

‘Why, that’s wonderful, sir. Sure wish my wife would welcome me home like that. You’re a lucky man.’

The officers’ friendly, casual demeanor did make him less anxious, but he still felt uncomfortable without knowing what they wanted of him. Finally, the questions:

Referring to his passport, the INS officer started, ‘Mr. Millar, we have so many people coming and going across our borders that we have all we can do to keep up with it, I’m sure you can appreciate. Sometimes, there is confusion or, occasionally, deliberate obscuring of identities and, of course, identity theft whereby good innocent people like yourself get their names stolen by real crooks for real crimes. That’s why we have to be extra careful.’

Greg Millar was still awaiting the real questions. ‘I understand, but are you saying that someone has stolen my identity?’

‘Perhaps that’s happened,’ said the man in the suit, ‘let’s just say your name has appeared on various lists as a person of interest. Please tell us about yourself and your trip.’

‘About myself?’

‘Sure, you know, your job, your family, the nature of your trip. Things like that.’

‘Are you sure I don’t need a lawyer?’

‘Not unless you’ve done something wrong. You haven’t done anything wrong, have you, Mr. Millar?’

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