The Beginning

by Marion G. Harmon

Author’s Note: Wearing the Cape: The Beginning comprises the first fourteen chapters of Wearing the Cape, the first story of Astra’s adventures published in April 2011.

Copyright© 2011 by Marion G. Harmon

Cover by Viktoria Gavrilenko

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Chapter One

Cape (plural capes): literally, a sleeveless garment hanging from the neck over the back and shoulders; figuratively, a superhuman who has chosen to act as a superhero. Synonyms: hero, mask, super, superhero. Connotations: 'cape' is used as both a familiar and derogatory term for superheroes, who often casually refer to themselves as capes but generally consider it a demeaning term when applied to them by the press.

Barlow's Guide to Superhumans

I was driving east on the Eisenhower Expressway when the Teatime Anarchist dropped the Ashland Avenue overpass on top of me, using enough C4 to bring the whole southbound span down at once.

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