Attraction is that state of being which allows good things to find us. We are like a magnet. We either attract godly things, or we attract ungodly things. It’s our choice. Attraction is our creation. We bring and attract all experiences to our lives.

Monthly Affirmation: I attract success and happiness into my life every day.

The First Law of Attraction

If you had a wishing well, what is one thing you would wish for? Is it wealth, fame, honor, or love? What one thing do you desire above everything else in life? Whatever it is, you can have it! The First Law of Attraction says, Whatever you desire whole heartily, with singleness of purpose you can have. First, you must know what that one thing is. Do you remember the character Curly in the movie City Slickers? He kept sticking one finger in Billy Crystal character’s face saying, “This is the secret to life.” When Crystal’s character asked him what the secret was, Curly said, “It’s for you to find out.” You have to find out what your heart’s desire is. Otherwise, all you will do is run around in circles and you won’t stand much chance of getting it.

You must be moving toward your desire all the time because what you are after is constantly moving. Standing still is really an illusion. You think you are not moving but since you’re standing on this planet Earth, you are rotating. Earth rotates one complete turn every 24 hours and it is traveling thousands of miles an hour as it rotates around the Sun once every 365 days. And the whole kit and caboodle is racing thousands of miles per hour through space. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to get off your butt and do something?

Most people just sit around waiting for something good to happen, and then they get angry when what they desire happens to someone else. If you are doing nothing, if there is no driving force; no sense of urgency, you can count upon it that you will have no results and no real future. The Bible says, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.” This passage is telling us that we must have a burning desire for what we want. The magic of doing something actually attracts your desire to you.

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