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Lucky you, if you have what I call enthusiastic “discontentment”; if you are never satisfied, and always looking for a new height to scale; and you never settle for the crumbs of life.

Today’s Exercise: Take the first step in the direction toward that project you have been thinking about.

Affirmations: I attract success and happiness into my life every day.

Points to Ponder: If you are doing nothing, if there is no driving force; no sense of urgency, you can count upon it that you will have no results and no real future.

Your Reservoir of Power

Your Subconscious Mind is a great storehouse of knowledge. Your mind is receiving millions of bits of information every day; yet, your Conscious Mind only retains a very small portion of this knowledge. The balance has sunk down into your subconscious storehouse, your reservoir of power. It is a creative force waiting to be retrieved. The person who has learned the secret of making the Subconscious Mind yield up its unlimited wealth is a genius.

What is the secret of reaching this reservoir of power and knowledge? How can we command this creative force in a masterly fashion? People who are considered to be geniuses access this force. Genius is the result of hard work. Genius is mind power turned into action. Oh, you thought there was some big mystical secret. No there is no big secret. You were born a genius and life slowly “de-geniused” you.

We are caught up in the crap of the world and the know-it-alls who tell us “You can’t do it. You’re too dumb; too small; the wrong color; the wrong sex,” etc. If you believe any of what the know-it-alls tell you, you are living in Hell. Break these bonds. Say no to the know-it-alls. Say yes to your Subconscious Mind. Say yes to the genius just below the surface, waiting for you to take action on the dreams God so blessed you with.

When I started to write this book, I had all these negative thoughts:

Hey, you never wrote anything in your life. What makes you think you can write? This is going to be something! You can’t spell worth a darn. Besides, your grammar is terrible. And your memory, you can’t remember what you ate for breakfast. Besides, you are seventy years old; it’s too late.

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