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     Your website seems to be running fine.

Her cat Gizmo hopped up into her lap and started mooking. Kneading biscuits some people called it, Cindy called it heaven. A free massage from Gizmo usually made her feel better.

Not today.

She continued staring at the screen trying to figure out what part of 'broken' the tech support guy didn't understand. Maybe it was the B. Second letter of the alphabet, surely he'd learned that in school. On the other hand, perhaps it was the R. Maybe the O.

Gizmo continued mooking and Cindy's frown deepened.

Yet again, she clicked reply. Giving the tech support guy, Adam, as much information as she had. She stressed that this was her business, her number one promotional tool. She was speaking at a conference day after tomorrow and her website had to be working flawlessly.

She hit send and waited. And waited some more. Gizmo gave both legs a massage and then gave up. Glancing at the Garfield clock on the wall she saw an hour had passed. She checked her inbox again. No new message.

No surprise.

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