Caddy Daze

A Teen’s Odyssey

Across the 1970s

By Jim Talantis Chido

Caddy Daze

Copyright 2010 by Jim Talantis Chido

Copyright Notice: All rights reserved. United States Copyright Office

Registration Number: TX 7-180-284.

Smashwords edition, November 2012

Ebook production: Ray Charbonneau


I dedicate this book to my fellow Clique members, whose antics made it possible. Also to my parents and sister, who put up with our escapades. In addition, I pay homage to my co-workers and to my English and History teachers at Mamaroneck High School and Fordham University. They encouraged me to write -- and then put me through the wringer to make sure I knew how to write.

And I can’t forget Mike, Robert, Chaz, John, Ray, and Alan, who provided helpful suggestions and support. Lastly, I lovingly thank my wife, Lisa, my sons James and Andrew, and daughter Miranda. They supported me all along the way and stopped looking over my shoulder long enough so I could complete this opus. As we used to say back in the caddy yard, “The sun shines on you!”


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