- When you feel like taking everything she has in her closet and making the world's largest bonfire in the driveway - take a long, deep breathe and realize that doing so will only make matters worse and probably get Green Peace on your back

- The Pain you are feeling is real - in your heart, in your head, throughout your body.  It's an unfortunate natural consequence of what you are going through...but it too shall pass.

- Night time and when the alarm goes off in the morning are the toughest times of the day.  Find some positive distraction at night and in the morning focus on a positive goal you want to achieve for that day.

- Losing yourself in drink or drugs is not the way to go.  Lose yourself in your kids - they're your MOST IMPORTANT asset(s).

- When people tell you - they know what you're going through - it's partially true and they have the best intentions in mind. Remember, most friends and/or family have a tough time really talking to you as you are suffering through your divorce.  Cut them some slack and realize they are trying - which means they care about YOU!

- It takes two to tango.  This is an old but absolutely true catch phrase for your divorce.  If your spouse doesn't want to be married any more, no amount of begging, counseling or sucking up is ultimately going to make a permanent difference.  This doesn't mean you should give up and throw in the towel immediately - but after a reasonable amount of time, if your spouse hasn't come around it's time for you to focus on the future and the positive situation you want to be in.

- When it comes down to it, stuff is only stuff and it can all be replaced.  Don't sweat the spatula, ottoman or colander. Focus on what's important - your kids, family, friends and faith - and devote your time and energies to those things.

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