Memoirs of a Manic

Jon Van Loon

Copyright 2012 Jon Van Loon

Smashwords Edition


The nature of my bipolar condition, despite administration of heavy medication trapped me mainly in the manic pole of this condition. How else might you imagine that a student with an IQ of 98 would have enough drive to earn a PhD?

"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." Quote-Albert Einstein.

During my life time, having lived and worked on 6 Continents, I logged a prodigious number of adventures from which the following chronicles have sprung. Although I attempted to keep prejudices in the guise of common sense to a minimum I managed to extend my collection of these throughout my entire present life span of 75 years. This fact and my frenetic condition gives rise to the following often quirky situations and creates the serpentine window of life that the reader is about to peak through.

Actually the word ‘collection’ is the key to the relatively unique format of this tomb. What you are about to find is a collection of short stories peppering these pages in a pattern not unlike random pellets from a shot gun blast.

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