Faith is a preview of things to come. Faith is needed to jump start enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is needed to jump start action for without action everything is academic.

Monthly Affirmation: The kingdom of God is within me.

What Is Faith?

For most of us, faith is a term used by all religions in sermons and theological books as a position we take when we don’t understand something. Faith has no practical place or meaning in the physical world. This is the world we live in and perform most of our actions. So consequently, faith is for the little old ladies sitting in the back of the church or temple. Yet, we need faith to jump start enthusiasm and we need enthusiasm to jump start action for without action everything is academic.

However, we believe that the most important reasoning of practical everyday life is based on faith. We can’t guarantee the sun will rise tomorrow and the Universal Law or the Law of Causation says, “The same causes, under the same conditions will produce the same effects.” If you are looking to change your life for the better then it is absurd for you to keep doing the same old thing and expect different results.

So, in order to succeed, you must change your thinking from mostly negative to mostly positive. Faith is not difficult, you have faith every time you board an airplane that the captain knows how to fly the plane, the plane is in excellent condition and that you will arrive safely at your destination. Millions of people fly every day, without faith, they will not board the plane.

If you believe that a person is dishonest, incompetent, or crazy, you would not trust your affairs or money with that person. You have faith in that person’s wrongness not rightness but it’s still faith. Every belief without one hundred percent positive knowledge is a form of faith. Since we rarely have one hundred percent knowledge, we practice some form of faith every day.

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