By Scott Sigler

It’s hard to believe that, as I write this, I first heard about Matt Fucking Wallace seven years ago.

Yes, that’s his nickname. One of them, anyway. As a former pro-wrestler, he has a bunch.

In the time before Twitter’s reign, when Facebook was an upstart that didn’t have a chance against MySpace, I was one of the first people to give away self-recorded fiction as a free podcast. Podcast were still a new thing, new enough that television networks, cable companies and even NPR, hadn’t done one yet. So new that Apple’s iTunes—the now-ubiquitous method for receiving the serialized audio shows—didn’t have a way to get them. We were at the very beginning of something that would grow to be a significant part of entertainment, education, and journalism.

So it was 2006, and I was in my second year of giving away my novels as free, weekly audiobook episodes. I gathered up quite a following and was having a blast. The sub-culture took off, both in the number of authors trying out the new medium, and in the thousands of fans that quickly flocked to these previously unpublished talents.

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