My Bitter Life.

By Robert Panton.

Copyright 2012

Published on Smashwords


This account is something that was related to me by an Aunt over the course of a few weeks. I am her nephew and as she lay dying in the last stages of cancer she opened her heart, which was something quite unusual and out of character.

There are of course other things that she had told me over the years which I have mingled into the story as they cropped up in my memory while relating her story. Sixty two years worth of ‘things’ to be precise, as she and I were always close and shared a lot from time to time, though always on her terms and only as far as she was willing to allow me to see into her soul. We weren’t so close as to be on ‘hugging’ terms and she certainly wasn’t one to talk about her inner feelings in any great depths, rather she would have denied having any real emotions at all. Auntie Madge wasn’t into hugging and shows of affection, but I loved her nonetheless even though she would always throw scorn on any show of affection that I would occasionally and tentatively attempt to give to her.

I absolutely and freely confess that I was in awe of her and thought of her as a strong and independent person and I didn’t realise until the last few years of her life how messed up she was inside.

She was my saviour from an unkind and overbearing father. If and when he became too ‘physical’ I would fly to her for help and I always loved her for her intervention and protection, though later I came to find her the most difficult person in my life notwithstanding my huge respect for her.

There is

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