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A Thousand Years of Winter:

Sekou Gaidi Copyright 2012 by Sekou Gaidi

Smashwords Edition

A Thousand Years of Winter:

Blood Renaissance (3000 A.D.)

“The little robots stole my ship.”

Khandecia Cavalier, last of her line, peered into the south from the top of her Obsidian Tower and watched the skies warily. Her light brown face was calm as a saint’s, and her hazel eyes were banked flames. Yet what was happening now, to her world, was enough to drive anyone into madness. It was the long-prophecied Winter of a Thousand Years, though it had come as a thief in the night and no man knew when it would end. This was just one of many problems that the Empress had to deal with.

“Are you sure, Captain Rose?” the Empress of the Night asked.

Rose, shorter than the Empress by several inches with ripe hips and round face, rolled her green eyes.

“I don’t say things like that to be funny,” the commander of the Behemoth ship said, baring her canines. She paced in black armor, light and soft but made of a tight metallic weave able to deflect all energy, and ran her hand through short-cropped reddish curls. “In fact, saying things like that make me wanna kill people.”

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