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Author's note:

The details surrounding the death of the Apostle Peter remain unclear. Legends abound, yet no conclusive evidence points to a certain place, time or means by which he parted this world. There is little doubt that he spent some time in Rome, that city he often referred to as 'Babylon'. The author has taken Scripture, legend, and tradition and sought to mould them together into what is, hopefully, an accurate portrayal of the apostle's life and death.

List of characters

Simon Peter: Disciple of Jesus.

Simon Magus: Sorcerer who became the Father of Gnosticism.

Triarius: Roman soldier who sold his daughter into slavery.

Aurelia: Triarius' wife.

Triaria: Daughter of Triarius and Aurelia.

Andrew: Triaria's husband.

Josiah and Ruth: Andrew's parents.

Octavious and Demetria: Aurelia's parents.

Lucius: Roman soldier. His story began in book one and concludes in Simon and Simon.

Vita: Lucius' wife.

Artilius: Roman soldier. His story began in Book one and concludes in Book 3.

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