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Dreams of Lust (Naughty Fairy Tale Erotica)

By Tamara Clay


Copyright© 2012 by Tamara Clay

Dreams of Lust

Aurora had been dreaming for almost as long as she could remember. Everything she experienced was unreal and impossible. Every night she fell asleep and woke to a new world, a new adventure. Sometimes hours would pass. Or weeks, years. Wonderful and terrible she endured them all; these dreams of other lives lived and lost. But endure is all she could do because she always remembered it wouldn't last. She never knew how long, only that it would end and she would be somewhere and someone else the next night.

In between, for the fleeting hours of waking she was miserable. Her mind roiled with thoughts of the time before the dreams came. When life made sense. There had been light and love and laughter. But in the dark of her terrible endless dreams she wondered if her mind had it wrong. If those memories were only a dream too and her current, dreary existence was the only reality. The idea was too horrible to accept, but the thought haunted her, echoing around in her head.

She wept in her small, cold room, cursing the evil woman with eyes like green glass and the spell that had trapped her in this living hell. In the castle everything was gloomy to match her mood. The stone walls cold and winter dark, no fires burning, no children laughing around the hearth. Aurora sat up in her bed, looking around her room. Cobwebs were strung from each wall to the next. The tapestries heavy and choked with dust. The fireplace in her room was dead. She stood up and found her feet unsteady, but forced herself to walk out of the room, through the dead castle, calling for those she knew and missed so terribly.

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