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A wonderful story, a great adventure. Full of excitement and action. Good guys vs bad guys, and yes very much like COWBOYS IN SPACE! What a hoot! Go where no man - woman - dog has gone before!” K. Caid

Combining military and scifi into a fun adventure, Jeff Burger hit this one out of the park! I look forward to the next in the Wings of Steele series.” B.K. Foster

Best armchair adventure, ever! I haven't had so much fun reading a book in a very long time! Wings of Steele is an awesome, incredible story. I loved the characters... I loved it all! Thanks for writing this story - it should be a movie or a series...” Jolene E.

Into the wild blue yonder... and beyond! Steele is a regular guy that gets in a jam and is forced to take on the FBI, CIA, the KGB and even a drug cartel...and that's before he even gets to the Bermuda Triangle! Imagine Indiana Jones morphing into Hans Solo with a little Captain Kirk thrown in... enough action to have been TWO books.” John C.

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