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The Party Game Society

League of Super Heroes: Rise of the Villain!

The Party Game Society

Celeste has been an avid party game hobbyist for many years. Growing up she was constantly exposed to large gatherings amongst friends and family where party and social games ran rampant. As you can see it wasn’t long before Celeste starting creating her own games, and thus The Party Game Society was born.

Our games are designed to create a fun, suspense filled, family oriented atmosphere for all ages. There is never a dull moment, both avid and casual gamers alike will find that every game is easy to learn and anyone can join.

We host a large variety of game types and genres, everything from social party based games to intense strategic card based battle games. You will truly be amazed how much fun and laughter these games will bring to you and your friends or family. Search for the Party Game Society or Celeste Ayers on Amazon and other e-book dealers to find a complete list.

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