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Of Secrets, Letters and Lions

By: Anna Moseley

Cover by: Rebecca Koenig

Copyright 2012 Anna Moseley

Smashwords Edition

Dedicated to Geneva Moorefield, who would have read it if she could, and to my friends who are my real life Cecilys.

January 16th 1873

Dearest Cecily,

It seems like an age since you and your dear brother came to London for your season. I am thrilled to hear that you are doing so well and hope this means that you will be able to visit again soon! I wish I could say my family and I are doing just as well, but sadly this is not so. I miss you dreadfully and wish you were here to help me through this. I suppose I must be content with your letters.

Things have become troubling. Father is keeping secrets, and Mamma has forbidden Abby from talking during tea because she refuses to talk about anything else but Father’s secrets. I’m not at all surprised that Mamma has put an end to Abby’s nonsense. The fact that Father has started keeping secrets so deep and so large that he has locked himself in his study is quite troubling though. He is even refusing meals Cecily! Although you met him only once, I’m sure that you remember how jolly a man he is. He, very much like you and my brother, is always willing to make time for friends and family. He often indulges Abby by listening to her jokes and exchanging stories with her. The only time the house is not filled with Abby and Father’s chortling is when we’re all sleeping or if Abby has caught a cold.

Although I’m sure that Abby takes no pleasure in reminding us that Father is not himself, she makes little jokes about how he has locked himself in the study or asks us to wager on how many days he can go without food. She’s been caught (by Mama no less) trying to slip food under his office door multiple times. I can’t tell if she does this in jest or out of genuine concern.

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