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Homo Heat

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 by Nate Tanner

Table of Contents


1. Tempting the Mormon

2. Thirteen Brojobs

3. My Son's Hot Boyfriend

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Tempting the Mormon

Let's start the story at the beginning, on move-in day — the day I met Zack Zollinger.

I was an incoming freshman at Big Honkin’ State University, Arizona. My mom and I had driven into the city a day earlier and stayed in a motel near campus, so we were able to get a head start on the move-in rush. I didn’t have too much stuff — really just clothes, a laptop, my electric bass, and a stack of the crime novel I liked. By 11 AM, I was all moved in.

“Judging from what I saw, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun in this dorm,” Mom said, with a wink as she got in the car. “Just make sure you don’t have too much fun!”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, and kissed her goodbye. The station wagon pulled away and turned a corner.

I was free! An adult now!

Well, sort of... But at least I was more free than I’d been at the beginning of the day. Finally, college! Finally, my chance to pursue cute boys to my heart's content!

Riding the wave of that feeling, I didn’t really process Mom’s comment until after I’d had lunch, done various Orientation stuff in the Admin building, and gone back upstairs in my dorm.

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