I open my eyes, what a strange dream. i was wandering, then i walked into this strange, glowing mist. then i woke up. Looking aroiund me, something doesnt look right. where is everything, why sm i not in my bed. this is slightly strange. why am i in a forest. Lying over my body is snow, freshy fallen by the looks of things.  Beneath me I can feel leves. The old dead and dry ones left over from autem. How can it be winter, it was summer earlier. It was the day before my 13th birthday.
I hear a twig snap behind me, what was that. Who’s there. Slowly, as not to alert them to the nfact that I know somebody is there I tuern around, I cant see anybody. When suddenly there is a little shimmer from withen the branch of the tree. “hello” I whisper, trying not to let the fear in my voive become apparent.
“who are you,” a small, tinkling voice replies, “why do you smell so strongly,”
“im mai, I don’t know what you mean, I don’t smell, please who are you, I won’t hurt you.” I reply in a gentle voice.
“mai, however did you get here. I can sense a strange sense of magic on you. You should leave this world, go back to where you belong.”
“but how, I don’t know how I got here, and you didn’t answer my question, who are you.”
“I go by many names, many even I don’t know, neither do I want to know them, but call me amily.”
“please come out Amily, it’s ok,”
“if you’re sure,” she replies in a tentative voive. There’s a rustle in the leaves, and out step Amily. She is small, about the size of my hsnd, but has large pointy ears, greening sharp teeth and is the fatest being I have ever seen. But worse than that are her blood red eyes: with their cold, ice blue pupils. I do the only thing I can, I scream. Then turning around I sprint my fastest, please don’t let her hurt me, please don’t. I hurdle over tree logs, dive under branches. I cant hear that she is following me, but you can nwver be sure, especially when you are in an unknown world.
I must have been running for at least 10 minutes before I even dare to slow. Glancing behind I can she she is not there. What a relief. I must keep moving away, I don’t know if she was dangerous, but she defantly seemed it. If there is one danger in this forest, then there could be more. There could be something much, much worse than her. I must keep going. The forest cant last for ever, can it. Ill reach the end of it at some point. As I think I am no longer being chased by her I decide I do not really have to sprint anymore, so I settle for something in between, walk twenty paces, jog for twenty paces, then reapeat. I can do this. I can keep this up for s long time no trouble.
I suppose now, before I run into any more dramas, is the time to figure out whst happened. So as of yesterday, I was just a excited twelve year old girl, who couldn’t wait until her birthday. Then last night, I had a  strange dream, then when I woke up I was here. And its winter, winter, seriously. Hoe am I going to get home, I don’t know anything about this place, I don’t even belong here. My family, I may have only been here a day bur im missing them already. My mum, my dad, my annoying but cute little brother jack. They’ll be worring about me. I hope they deont think I am hurt. I must get home, for them . By the time that night has fallen I am feeling exaughsted. But how am I ever meant to sleep, here, in the forest, where monsters live. What should I do? I hve nothing with me, no food, nothing. I suppose I could climb a tree and sit up there. But more monsters might live up there, no I musnt do that. I suppose the only thing else I could even consider doing is sleeping out on the open floor. But it’s covered in snow. in thwee end I decide tht the best thing to do is just to sit qginst a tree. Least ill be able to move quickly. The last thoughts I have before I fall asleep are, please don’t let anything happen to me, and maybe, just maybe I can dream myelf home again.
When I wake up I half expect to be home again, in my nice warm bed, with my nice warm blanket, im safe there. I need to find water today, and food, but where will I get them from. I don’t know what is safe, or what would kilol me. I suppose the best thing to do is just keep walking, and hope, that ill find something to eat, drink, or even better, something to take me home. Unsurprisingly, by midday I have still had no luck. Im so tired now, I need something to drink, im desparate for food. Im so tired, and begin to wander, always heading in the same direction, but never taking in anything around me. Ive been walking for about an hour with still no luck, I sit down, I cant go on, I just want to sleep. But if I sleep, I feat I will never wake up. I think this is it, the end of mai waltree.
Then I hear it, a small tinkling. It is either omething evil to finish me off, of something good, hear to save me. Please let it be the latter. When I see a group of beautiful, caring looking fsiries, I know im safe. The girls all have long vblonde hair, that flows down to their waist, and the way it blows in thewind, beautiful. Then there are the dresses. Beautiful dresses, in every colour imaginable. From the pale petals of a flower just beginning to bloom to the strong fuschia I have on my bedroom wall back home. All at once the fairies begin to sing. It is a beautiful enchanting song, it fills me withs strength, they are helping me.
Onr of the most stunning of the fairies, who has her hair  palted over her head like a head band before it gracefully falls down to her waist , floats towards me. She is the most graceful being I have ever seen.
“dear girl,” she whispers, in the enchanting voicw you ecpect from a fairy, “why don’t you come and join us. We can procvie you with food and water, we can protect you, we can try to gt you home, if you wish. We can try to do anything for you.” This is my chance, maybe I can get home. Maybe I will make it. I feel myself stand up and follow fter the fairies, such beauty. We walk for a short while until we reach a large clearing with a cave. Here we stop.
“please feast, my guest. All the food here is safe to eat. My name is mystic, what is yours?” the fairy who had spoken earlier sks.
“mai,”I reply before tucking into the sweet fruits around me. The moment my teeth sink into the flesh on the fruit I feel a feelling if joy. This is heaven.it has tender flesh, has the perfect flavour, just the correct amount of sugar. After I have eaten all I can manage the fairies leasdd me into their cave.
“please come, sit” mistic sings, “please let us do your hair.” My hair is a complete mess, I would love for it to look like theirs. I go and sit on the chair inn the middle of the room, but the moment I sit downi feel a throbbing headache.
“it’s ok,” mystic says in a soothing voive, “ you only get a headache the first tinme, it takes ones body time to adjust to the new fruit.” Oh that explains it all, my head begins to hurt even more, I just want to sleep. I can feel my eyelids get heavy, something doesn’t seem right.
Chapter 2
When I open my eyes, that feeling of somethingbeing wrong hits me even harder. There is a throbbing pain in my stomach, whatever is it. A bit of hair has fell infront of my face,I go to tuck it behind my ear. Something defenatly isn’t right. My hand wont move. It seems to be tied behind my back. I try to look down at my feet, I can just about see them, they are tied to the legs of the chair. I know, I saw this in a film once, you bend foreward, bring your arms over the back of the chair, step through them, and voliaa, your hands are infornt of you, then, simple fins something sharp, cut the rope, untie your feet, and run for it.i go to statert on this lan,. But it immediately becomes obvious that im not going to get anywhere. I can bend forward. Around my body is a wide, restrining bel, attcaaaching my to the chair. Well, maybe I canmove the chair and break it on something. Admitidly it is pretty much just wishful thinking, but you never knoe, it may just work. I prepare to shiffle. Tl the right of the room, I can see a large blade sticking out of the wall. I could easily free me self with that. With onwe big push I try to move to the right, nothing. I rtry sgsin, still nothing.
By twisdting my head at an awkward angle, I can just see the bottom of the chsir. There are bolts, the chair bolted to the floor. Now I am really starting to panic, how am I ever going to get out of here. I want to scream for help, but that wont be much use. I must not give up, I wont be beaten. I realax my body against the stap, maybe I can get myself out. I am just about to try to ease my hand out from the back when mystic comes in. any ideas I had about the fairies not knowing are broken immediately when I see mystics maniqatic grein. Then, to confirm my suspicions she comes over to me. She gets some of the other fairies to hold my wrists and arms as she flutters behind me to free my arms. Unfortunately the faires on my arms are to strong. They jank my arms infront and wrap this strsnge thread from a ball around and around my wrist. She pulls it so hard, that lines begi to cut into my hands. Sher thwn ties a quick flurry of ridiculously tight knots around it. She doesn’t cut the end though. I have a feeling that that means somrhigmuch, much worse will haopen. Oh please let me survive please let me find a way back home. Mystic, holding the ball of chord in one hand, commands the fairies to undo the band. I feel the restrainer around my middle loosen. I can stand up, I try to move but theirpincer like grip is too strong. Mystic gives a harsh tug to the chord, and I go flying over. My face flies into the floor. Then mystic gives another tug and I go sliding, being pulled by my hands. She pulls me through the crowds of onlooking fairies who stand there laughing and jeering. When we get outside I can see there is a carigge being pulled by two white horses. It draws up to the cave entrance, and stops. Mystic yanks my ropeand I go flying towards it. Then with a couple of quick flicks she has tied the rope on toa bar at the back, leaving about 2 metres of rope. One of the other fairies then pulls me to my feet and places a band around my waist, I'm not quite sure why, but I'm sure I will soon. And I have a feeling it will be for the worst. I can just see mystic climb into the carriage, the door shuts, and we are off. As my feet are bound, it is impossible for me to keep up with it and I end up getting pulled forward and landing face down. Thankfully my face is not scraping along the ground too badly, we'll not compared to the rest of me. The knot that mystic used on my hands appears to tighten the further away from the carriage I'm am. As I can't keep up with it, the chord is sitting right Ito my hands. The marks appear to be getting deeper. At this rate it will stop all circulation. After a while we eventually stop, I'm yanked to my feet, and a length of chord is tied on to the restraining belt, and then I'm tied to a tree. Mystic and most of the fairies leave the carriage. I can't see where they go though. A little by later and they return. This time though, they have somebody with them. It is some hairy beast, his hands are tied like mine and so are his feet. They then tie him onto the same pole as me and add a restraining belt. Once they are read I leave thy untie me from the tree loop the chord down my back.
Like before, the moment they pull off we, go flying forwards, then they drag us along. I would offer some comforting words or tell the beast, who is currenyly crying his eyes out, that we'll be ok, but I kind of doubt that is true. So instead i just ask him his name. It turns out that he is called golirus. His mum had warned him of the "pretty ladies" but they had been so beautiful he hasn't been able to resist. Then I tell him about me. It's not as bad this time, as there is somebody to talk to. Then we stop, are tied to a gate. Wait a while. Then another poor soul joins us. Then of we get pulled. We then have to try to calm them down. We tell them about us, they say a bit about them. This happens quite a few times. In the end the are about ten of us tied on. They then grab us one at a time, going from left to right, so I end up going first. They have some strange cart of something behind us. We stay tied by our hands to the carriage, but they then tighten the restraining belt and tie a lent feh of chord to it and attach that to the cart behind it. Once they have done this to all of us they come along the line freeing our feet. I do have to admit. It is nice to be able to move them again. The fairies then board the carriage and of we go. This time though we have to walk. If one of us falls it ruins the whole momentum. The cart is ridiculously heavy. By the time we eventually stop my back is killing me and it is nightfall. Please let us stop now.

Half an hour later we do finally stop. They untie us from the carriage then we have to pull the cart into the cave. By the time they are happy I feel as though I could just drop. But no. The fairies then tie golirus' hands onto the back of my belt. The do the same to the others. They then untie my hands and yanks us through. We are dumpe in a small room, no cell is a more appropriate word. There are no windows and only a tiny door with a miniscule air grill in it. My hands are tied to one post, while the person at the ends back is tied to another post. They then leave us. I am so exaughste from the day and fall asleep immediately.
I was still asleep when they came charging in, I wasn't afterwards though. They grabbed the end and shook us so we all fell  on each other. Then the fairies grabbed us and pulled us towards the cart. We were tied back on and each of us was given a small sip of water and a soggy slice of bread. Which we all ate ravenously. We then pulled the cart back out of the cave where the carriage was ready an waiting. We were tied back onto that and a ton of something or other was tipped in to the cart. Then like had happened yesterday we set off. Although yesterday it had been so much lighter. And none of us had been as tired. We walk like this for hours. We had left at sunrise and it was well past midday before we stopped. This time though they just untied us and dragged us in. They dumped us into a cell, a bit like the one we spent last night in, but here we could hear the wails of others who had been locked down here.
therer were the gih pitched wails of young children, to the low deep groans of the eldest of men. Screams echoed all around, all I wanted to do was break down, cry and jopin them. But I cant, I must not, I must stay strong, for my family, for my dear mother, and father, and for sweet little jack. I must stay strong. The cries finally began to quieten down, as more and more of us began to fall asleep. The gaurds outside the door changed, and then they changed again. Eventually my eyes began to feel heavy, I was about to fall asleep, im just so tired. From the exaughtion of today and yesterday, from the stress of being teared away from my family, from being thrown in to this evil world, where nothing at all appears to be safe.
I must have fell asleep at some point, for when I wake up the noise of wailing greets my ears, no, I must stay strong. For jack. I know he cant see me now, but I wil;l stay strong. After about an hour of this ear piercing wailing and shrieking one of the fairies opens thedoor. The noise stops imediatly, with only a few whimpers left. The fear of all those around me is evident. I can feel it, sticky in the air. It seems the fairies can sense it as well as they appear to be taking joy in it. Leaping towards us, and then laughing as we back off. A group of about five of them weaing protective body armour then enter. They grab some of the others by the ropes still bound around their hands, they pull them to their feet and then either take them out with them or they dump them back on the floor. Please don’t pick me. I’m lucky, well I think I am, they don’t even come near to me. Those who were picked are dragged out screaming, then the door is shut and it all goes silent. Suddenly, almost as quickly as it stopped the wailing begins again.
Those of us who are left lie their, not able to move or anything, a few are huddled against others, most sit on their own, staring into nothing-ness. Probably trying to imagine they are back home, safe. What feels like a lifetime alter the door is opened, food and water is pushed through in small bowls. When I say food, I mean a disgusting brown liquid mush, that normally I would never even consider eating. A the water is a filthy brown colour that looks as though it couldn’t possibly be safe to drink. I am a bit hesitant, not knowing what the fairies could have put in it. But the others in here all begin to drink it, so I assume it must be safe enough. It is a challenge though, as our hands are still bound, to pick up the bowl and drink. I look at the others, they all are sat in pairs holding the bowl for eachothers. Thats the only way you can drink, you have to help them. But I have nobody to help me. Turning behind me a can just see a small dark shape in the corner of the room. They haven’t got any water near them, so trying not to spill any I take my bowl and another bowl from the grate over. I am nearly over to them when I notice that every body else has gone silent, and they are all staring at me, why. I now approach with a bit more caution, I hope this is the correct thing to do. Im at the edge of the shade now.
“hey,” I say softly, “do you want somw water”
“yes please,” the voice croaks, it sounds like it hasn’t drunk in days.
“here, can you come out, I cant quite reach you” I say gently, not quite trusting myself to enter the shadows.
“I cant come out, but I can reveal myself to you,” the voise replys
Im slighltly worried, but I cant really back ot now, can i. All I say is “ok.”
There is a small glow, and the others begin to back away, why what is it, what have I done. A figure shows from withen the darkness. She’s a fairy, a fairy, one of them, so evil. I want to run away from her. I never want to see them again. But there must be a reason that she is locked down here as well, maybe she isn’t as bad as them. Holding in my fear I hold out the bowl and I whisper as silently as I can,” do you want some.
She puts her dry, cracked lips against the bowl, I tip it slightly and the water runs into her mouth. A flood of life enters her pale blue eyes, making them more into the vibrant colour of the others, how long has she gone with out I wonder.

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