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Trial of the “Fresno Five”

The Reverend Julius Brooks and Black Student Leaders

Student Body President Doug Broten

Hunger Strike of Chicano Students

Encounter between Chicano and Agriculture Students

Encounter between Chicano and Agriculture Students

Anti-war Protest at ROTC Building

Anti-war Protest at ROTC Building

Student Anti-war Protest

Campus Security Police and Members of Phys Ed Dept.

Anti-Falk Protest in Free Speech Area

Student Protest Rally at Student Union

State Police Prepare to Meet Campus Protesters

Campus Destruction During 1970 Student Protests

Student Protest Along Shaw Avenue

Student Protest Along Shaw Avenue

Students and Police Confront Along Shaw Avenue

Students Arrested on Shaw Avenue

Campus Anti-war Protest

Campus Security Policeman on Duty

Chicano Students Disrupt 1970 Registration Process

Barred Doors of English Department Office

Locked Files in the English Department Office

Security Policeman Guarding the English Department


The FRESNO FREE COLLEGE FOUNDATION is a non- profit California corporation committed to the cultural and intellectual development of society. In addition to sponsoring traditional education and cultural events, it owns and operates KFCF-FM, a listener-sponsored radio station which simulcasts the signal of KPFA, a Pacifica station in Berkeley, California. During the past ten years the Foundation, in cooperation with the United Professors of California (UPC), has made a substantial commitment to academic freedom cases throughout California. Proceeds from the sale of this book are earmarked for the Foundation's UPC Academic Freedom Legal Fund.

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