This book is dedicated to

Gil Acuna ,Don Albright , Anselno Arrelano , Carol Bishop , Bob Brooks , Julius Brooks, Dale Burtner , Bill Buzick , Roger Chittick , Osby Davis , Ed Dutton , Everett Frost , Rudy GalIardo , Sam Germany , Thomas Gonzales , Elton HalI , Nathan Heard , Marvin Jackman , Harry Jeffrey , Adan Juarez , Kenneth Kerr , Richard Keyes , Vince Lavery ,Charles Lewis , Rip Lhamon , Lavert Lucas , Ren Mabey , Bob Mezey , Walker Munson , Paul Murray , Albert Nieto , Richard Nieto , Gene Orro , Katherine Panas , Eli Riscoe-Lozada , Robert Rubalcava , Erving Ruhl , Steve Santos , Ming Be Sia , Harriet Tavasti , Don Teeter , Joe Toney , Dick Toscan ,Harold Walker (deceased) , Eugene Zumwalt

and the many other faculty and students whose professional and personal lives were damaged or threatened at Fresno State.


Much has been written, reported, documented, and debated concerning what the Scranton Commission called the “crisis on American campuses.” This report, the findings of a Presidential commission established on June 13, 1970, shortly after the tragedies of Kent State and Jackson State, went on to say that the crisis “has roots in divisions of American society as deep as any since the Civil War. The divisions are reflected in violent acts and harsh rhetoric, and in the enmity of those Americans who see themselves as occupying opposing camps. Campus unrest reflects and increases a more profound crisis in the nation as a whole.”

Since the Scranton report, numerous authors have written about specific academic crises: James Michener and I.F. Stone on the tragedy at Kent State, Michael Baker and others on the Columbia University crisis, still others on the tragedy at Jackson State. Hal Draper's Berkeley: The New Student Revolt chronicles the unrest of a major university; James Simon Kunen's The Strawberry Statement is a student's view of what it is like to be at such a university. Simply a list of titles conveys the upheaval that American higher education has undergone in the last few years: Confrontation: the Student Rebellion and Universities; Students in Revolt; The Academy in Turmoil; The Student as Nigger; Bayonets in the Streets; Riots, Revolts and Insurrections.

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