There are a lot of people who are responsible when an author writes a book. It is rarely just a writer and his medium, be it paper, computer, word processor or just thoughts in his head. No, there are many people involved.

I guess the first people I have to thank are my parents. They have always supported me; reading my horrible stories about crazy monsters and aliens. I spent many nights on their bedroom floor due being scared of whatever I read or watched on T.V. I wore their patience thin, but they always bought me a horror book when I asked.

In order to write you need a muse. Who do you write for? Why do you write? Does your muse inspire your content or just fuel your ambition to write? Me? Well I write for my wife and daughter. They inspire me to write (not the content, believe me). I guess I hope they will be proud of what I have done and what I hope to accomplish. And if one day I can make a better living than I’m making now, so be it.

After your muse you need some sucker who you can bounce ideas off of. Lance, you always gave great critiques and never held any punches. Also, the great writers on; all of you helped me tremendously in polishing my works.

Once you have an idea and a ‘willing’ reader, you need someone to give you a chance. My email inbox is full of reject letters from many different magazines and anthologies. It’s ok; I’m a big boy and can handle some rejection. But, there is one reply which is not a reject. Wil Stanton, the owner, publisher, editor and all around head honcho at Exiles Magazine gave me my chance. He published my stories when no one else would. Even after taking some heat for my story “Found” he still stuck by me and I’m thankful. if you are looking for some great reading from some less-then-well-known talent.

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