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The Photo Shoot (New York City, 1975)

By Gwen Wilkinson

Published by Gwen Wilkinson at Smashmouth

Copyright 2013 Gwen Wilkinson

Mr Wells?” Tom heard when he answered his phone. After hesitating for a second, thinking it might be a bill collector, Tom then replied “yes, who is calling? “ “Mr. Wells, my names is Davis Lombard, and I saw your classified ad in the Tribune, and I was inquiring about you doing a photo shoot of my wife in our home, as a present for her 30th birthday” the man said in a soft spoken voice. “Would you be interested? “. Tom thought to himself, “ Hmmm I haven’t had a job in sixth months, I have 20 bucks in my pocket, my landlord is about to throw me out because I haven’t paid my rent in two months, my refrigerator has tumbleweeds rolling around inside it , and my fiat is on its last tire.” It was like the man on the other end of the phone was reading his mind because he said “Don’t worry Mr. Wells; you will be paid substantively if my wife is pleased with your work. I am willing to pay you $1000 dollars, half the money when you have completed the shoot and the other half when we receive the photos.” Tom quickly sat down on his kitchen chair. A $1000 ? That sure would help him out a lot. Hoping that he didn’t too desperate, Tom said “Great Mr. Lombard, I can come out tomorrow around noon if that is convenient for you and your wife? “ “That would be fine.” The other man said. “We live 60 miles outside of the city, and it’s a bit far out, but I am sure you will have no problem finding us.” He continued, and after giving Tom directions, he rang off.

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