A Short Story by

Jamie Buchanan

Copyright 2012 Jamie Buchanan

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Derek’s eyes closed, a myriad of colours and shapes dotted the darkness he was now enveloped within. Right now he did not need his sense of sight anyway – his other senses were being bombarded with stimuli and they demanded far more attention than vision.

His wife, Charlotte, was lying on top of him, both of them naked on the bed. The covers had been hurriedly shuffled to the base of their king-sized mattress, crumpled and evidence of their passion. He felt her long blonde hair draping down towards him, softly brushing against his ears – it’s silkiness only increasing the sensuality he felt. He could hear the soft “shushing” of skin on skin as they slid and caressed one another.

Her sweet smell was omniscient – was it from her neck? Her chest? Her legs? He bathed in it, breathing the aroma and increasing his heart rate further.

Charlotte’s soft hands were moving down his body, her lips still connected to his, tongues entwined in lust. Her full weight was on his chest and hips, but she only weighed about 55 kilos and, as Derek was lost in the moment, she felt weightless to him anyway. Her expert tongue darted in and around his mouth and his did to hers, the nectar of her saliva a warm, sweet liquor. He knew what Charlotte liked and Derek grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head away from him and arching it up and away as his mouth approached her neck. He kissed and licked/sucked in the soft crevice of her nape, and then moved around to the smooth slope of the spot between her ear and collarbone. Charlotte moaned and moved her hands further down his hard body, exploring his waist and hips before sliding under her own weight towards his hardened penis.

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