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James A. Smith Sr., Executive Editor

Florida Baptist Witness

This is a great book! I wish I had it recently teaching a class on Missions and Evangelism. I was very dissatisfied that all the resources I had on evangelism were the traditional way of presenting the gospel when that is just not what we encounter in society today. Cross-cultural missionaries are trained to understand religious worldviews and communicate the gospel in a context that can be received. We are having diminishing evangelistic success in our own country is due to our failure to recognize and understand differing worldviews in our own society. This book on bridging worldviews is a long overdue resource that will equip the reader for more effective sharing of the gospel.

Jerry Rankin, President Emeritus

International Mission Board. SBC

Freddy and Tal Davis' book, "Bridges," is a much-needed resource in a nation that is losing her way.

Dan Smithwick, President

Nehemiah Institute

This book gives comprehensive approaches in sharing the Gospel in this pluralistic world. If you are looking for an effective witnessing tool for sharing the gospel to other faith groups, you must have a copy of it.

Aslam Masih, Church Mobilization

North American Mission Board

In this crucial work, Tal Davis and Freddy Davis have done us an invaluable service by giving us a compelling process to relate to people who have totally different assumptions – many quite alien – about the nature of truth and reality.

Rudy Gonzalez, Ph.D., Dean, Wm. R. Marshall Center for Theological Studies

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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