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Meeting the Messiah on a Rubber Boat

Story by

Hughes Adamson

COPYRIGHTS: Congress Library 10/2010 TXU 1-722-393

WGAW 07/2011. #151 9904

Published at Smashwords


The sun darkens....the moon fails to give light......Quarreling nations, prideful leaders, and the powerful elite have sparked world wars of unprecedented magnitude. No part of the globe is untouched. Super powers mercilessly aim nuclear warheads at their neighbors. Biological warfare is commonplace. Monetary systems collapse, national economies are destroyed from the root, and once powerful and wealthy governments are helpless to protect their citizenry. Individuals must fend for themselves and seek out safe haven. In this nightmare of fear and rage, we offer the story of James, Michelle, Samantha, Kevin and Joe, wh0o determine to flee from the world's madness and seek out their savior, Jesus son of the Virgin Mary, the Messiah. Here is their story.

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