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Shanna's Connections

by Janice Daugharty

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Janice Daugharty

My niece in North Florida just called. First thing, she said she couldn’t talk long, so I figured her cell phone was going dead—what other kind of phone is there for a popular college student who works on the side?

Well, I’ll tell you about that other kind of phone:

Shanna couldn’t talk long, she explained, because she was borrowing the cordless her dad had lately laid claim to, and it was weighted with a garden spade attached by a shoe lace.

Put out with his two children misplacing the cordless phones to the twin-set, he had rigged one to discourage comfortable use. And, no doubt, to make a point too.

Mike is a private investigator for the Florida District Attorney’s office and often receives urgent calls during the night. He’s long been complaining that he has to hunt down one of the phones to make or take calls.

“I’m having to hold the spade on my lap to talk,” Shanna further explained.

“Where are you?”

“In the kitchen,” she said.

“How in the world did he come up with a shoe string and a garden spade?” I asked. “I mean, in a desperate rage, why not cut a piece of cord from the window drapes? Why not tie the phone to his bedstead with a necktie?”

“All I know is,” Shanna said, “Mama said he came in from running the other day and was taking off his shoes when the phone started ringing and he couldn’t find it. So, I guess the shoe string was just handy. Literally handy,” she added in a shoulder-shrugging tone.

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