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Mysteries From the Trail of Tears?

At once moving, heartbreaking and life affirming. Wheezer and the Painted Frog is a story of the human will to survive. The adventures of Sasa and Jack are fun and interesting. How they form their relationship and become each other’ family is a lesson on the way we live with other denizens of our earth.

Karen Doering, Amazon reader

One of the aspects of Wheezer and the Painted Frog that I enjoyed the most was the clever way in which the author, Kitty Sutton, has managed to weave a history lesson into the fabric of what is a delightful mystery novel.... and who can resist a story with an eager and exciting dog as the hero?

David Makinsin, Amazon reader

This is a moving story that instantly captured my heart. Never verbose or preachy, this tale flawlessly captured the flavor of the West, and the bigotry of the times. Yet, it is written in an inherently upbeat style that had me cheering for the good guys, and booing at the no-good, low-down, greedy bad guys. I also cheered for Wheezer, my favorite character. This book is the first in a planned series of mysteries. I am looking forward to the next one by this talented new author.

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