L. Jenkins, Amazon reader

As I said at the beginning, this book brought me back to the love of my childhood and youth, and I must say that reading Wheezer’s story, the Cherokee people story, Sasa’s story, captivated me as much as the best novels by Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour managed to do so many years ago. I definitely recommend reading this book. You’ll feel the richer for it

Annarita Guarnieri, author of Cats: Instructions For Use

From the time Europeans landed in North America, the People were forced out of the land they had known for generations. By the nineteenth century, the United States had pushed them into the remote and undeveloped area known as Indian Territory and promised them food and protection that never came. Plagued by the loss of their ability to farm and hunt, the lack of food and shelter, the disease brought by the White Man, every tribe suffered losses so great only the memories of the survivors could document the dead. This story, taking place among the Cherokee after the Trail of Tears, is a story for all the People.

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