Fucked by her Doctor

Bellatrix Turner

Copyright 2012 Bellatrix Turner

Smashwords edition

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

The doctor dipped his fingers into the pot of lubricant, then slowly worked one finger into Lucy’s hole. “This is an optional step, but as you can see, my manhood is regrettably overlarge, and I find it helpful to accustom the woman to my girth. I’ll work one finger into her,” he said, matching actions to words, “then two.”

Lucy had refused to look down the table, even when her husband had squeaked. She grew nervous at the doctor’s speech, and felt like he was parting her flesh when he slipped both fingers in to her slit. She wriggled, trying to escape the pressure, but a hand on her stomach stayed her.

Now dear, do hold still for me,” the doctor said. “Although it may be uncomfortable at first, I think you will rapidly come to appreciate this feeling. Was I not correct last week?”

Easy for you to say, you old monster! Lucy thought. You’re not the one getting stuffed like a chicken! But she bravely tried to stay still as the two fingers slowly probed her depths, working in and out, spreading her muscles slowly. After all, Sarah had taken Lucy’s whole fist! Surely Lucy could handle two fingers?

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