His Girlish Figure

M/M Crossdressing Bundle

Sofia Bane

Copyright November 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

1) The Petticoat Punishment

When college prep student Nolan Graham is caught masturbating by his prefect Ethan Brady, Ethan has a special punishment in mind for him. He's seen Nolan's gaze on other men in the locker room shower, and he's determined to shame the young man for his own good. But when Ethan petticoats Nolan in a short dress and heels, is it still a punishment if they both turn out to enjoy it? Warning: this 4100 word historical erotica contains M/M sex, masturbation, crossdressing, petticoating, public humiliation, oral sex, first time sex, and an erection under a short skirt; adults only!

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