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2) Crossdress to Impress

Nick thinks that his fellow fashion student Felix is perfect for modeling: tall, lean, girlish, uninhibited. But when he asks Felix one day to try on a dress he's designed, they both find the crossdressing play to be a hot, high fashion turn-on! Warning: this 4700 word story contains M/M oral and anal sex, rimming, and very fashionable male crossdressing; adults only!

3) Put a Ring on It

When Blaise and Jeremy go shopping for their wedding, they're only looking for suits -- until an irresistible wedding dress catches Blaise's eye! After seeing how hot Blaise looks in wedding dresses, they've got to finish their modeling session at home, including a (cock)ring for the beautiful bride! This 4000 word story contains m/m crossdressing, public sex, oral, anal, orgasm denial, and cockrings; adults only!

The Petticoat Punishment

I slumped against my pillows and undid my belt, unable to hold out from getting myself off any longer. As I pushed my hand below my waistband, my entire body relaxed into my own touch.

I was in my first semester at Stanton, class of 1928. As a sixth form college, it was intensely competitive, all of us taking an extra year after secondary school in order to prime ourselves for Oxford admissions. And I had been so caught up in the bustle of classes, extracurriculars, and some semblance of a social life, I had had no time alone in ages. But we had a thirty minute break between study hall and mid-day chapel, and I would put the time to good use.

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