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Voices of a Generation

Compiled and edited by

M. Kari Barr

Copyright 2012 M. Kari Barr

Published by HeartStrings Publishing at

Enclosed within the pages of this book are the thoughts and voices of teens from around the world. Their love of writing brought them together; their desire to be published gave them the courage to submit their works for review. Editing has been kept to a minimum to keep each author’s personal voice and skill level where it was when they wrote it.

It is my hope that you will enjoy visiting the minds and thoughts of today’s youth.

~ Kari

A Fine Monday Morning

By D. J. Stillman age 14

It was a fine Monday morning. The radiant sun was shining over the city of Greenville, and the birds were singing their happy tunes. The sky was a beautiful shade of bright blue. There were no clouds, just the enchanting blue sky, smiling at the earth. The world was ready to embrace a new day. It was almost as if nothing could go wrong. Of that, I was mistaken.

I strolled down the sidewalk with a smile stretched across my face. I looked like a dumb fool, almost as if I had won the lottery. The truth was that I was simply in a really good mood.

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