Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion: A Theist Response

Ian McCoy

Copyright 2012 Ian McCoy

Smashwords Edition

As a professional magician /mentalist and trained historian I must say I agree with Richard Dawkins desire that we find as much evidence as we can to justify our belief system. Like biologists, the majority of people in my profession tend to have an atheistic outlook – one need only read Derren Browns comments about The God Delusion being his "favorite book of all time".

I am writing this piece as a response to Professor Dawkins program on Channel 4's More4– which is based on his best selling book and which our rather unctuous magic man Derren found so enlightening.

Despite his lack of reading, Derren Brown, like myself, will tell you that magicians and mentalists depend on the human ability to suspend their disbelief. In other words people enjoy a good magic trick – "believing" in the magic – while it is being performed. Of course they will later say how much they enjoyed the "trick" – even though we all know there is no such thing as magic.

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