This book is dedicated to Blenda my wonderful wife, partner and best friend. Blenda was my initial editor. Thank you for believing in me. To Angelica for the honor and privilege of delivering your message to all the Spirit Light Beings on this amazing home we call Earth.


This is the fun part, the place where I get to acknowledge and express my appreciation!

Blenda: First and foremost, I acknowledge my dear wonderful wife and partner, friend/editor, Blenda. Without her, it would have been very challenging to finish this project. So, Blenda thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Together we delivered Angelica’s message of The Quantum Love Gene to the world. Thank you for the incredible task master that you are keeping me on track and motivated. Thank you for the excellent marketing, editing, ideas, and the numerous tasks you have performed for this book/movie in the past four years. Thank you for sacrificing your own projects as an incredible writer and placing this project in priority.

Galina Coffey-Lewis, author of Memories, Musings, and Mystics. Thank you for reading my book, and your fantastic acknowledgment. You said, “This book would make a great movie and it could be hotter than Avatar.”

Nelson Brunanski, author of several mystery books the latest one being Southern Exposure who said, “WOW! A great story! I love both the story (movie) and the realization that we are all Spirit Beings. You had a lot of nice interplay with what we know, what science fiction has brought us and how the Pleiadians draw the two together.”

Skip Rowland, your expert marketing shared with Blenda was most appreciated. Sandy Levey-Lunden, your loving support, recommendations and contacts are genuinely appreciated. Toni Romano, retired Out-Reach Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute, thank you for believing in us and for your powerful connections.

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